About the Artist

Steve Solinsky was born in Berkeley, California, in 1945. With a compelling interest in art and design, he entered the University of California in 1963 and in 1969 graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree.

For several years he utilized his design training as a freelance graphic artist. It was during this time that he began his career as a fine art photographer. The influence of his early training is evident in his work today.

Since 1975 he has made his living primarily through the sale of his fine art prints. His photographs have been exhibited in many galleries and museums throughout the country.

For many years Solinsky worked solely with a 4x5 view camera. The slow, deliberate pace required by that equipment allowed for the careful and sensitive interpretation of his environment. He brings that same experience to bear with the medium format and digital cameras he uses today. He finds in them a greater flexibility in handling that allows him to capture many images that wouldn't have been possible before. And for fun, he even pulls out hisIphone in passing.

As an artist he brings his awareness to what he sees- light and pattern, color, and the symbols in form. His images capture these elements in a single transcendent moment - the "here and now" of the senses and emotions. Each image is a meditation on a fleeting impression caught in passing. The ordinary world is transformed from the particular into the archetypal.

With him we pass through a portal from our familiar world, opening to the mystical, the surreal, and the mysterious. We are invited to savor each subject deeply and to feel its sublime pull.